Privacy Policy

The following terms and conditions apply to all contracts concluded between us and the customer. On conclusion of contract, our general terms and conditions are applicable even if the customer refers to their terms and conditions of purchase.


All goods and services are subject to the conditions and prices applicable on the settlement date, plus any applicable VAT. The prices of raw materials are subject to fluctuations that we can neither predict nor influence. We must therefore reserve the right to change our terms and conditions on short notice.

Property rights of third parties

The customer is responsible for ensuring that the finishing work ordered does not infringe third party copyright or other property rights in any manner, in particular with regard to the attachment of trademarks, company emblems, logos, orders for special cuts or a specifically requested colour combination, and also with regard to specifications stipulated by the customer such as shape and size, design or technical solutions. The customer indemnifies us against all demands and claims made by third parties arising from any infringement of the property rights of third parties resulting from the customer risk area defined above.